Our story

 Clic Jewels bags are designed and handcrafted, start to finish, based in Athens Greece. 


Established in Athens, Greece, Clic Jewels is all about the art of handcrafted bags.
*When Elisabeth Bizaki, creator and designer of the Clic Jewels brand started that business in 2011, she wanted to create a new philosophy around the fashion industry that reflects a journey to our creativity and imagination.
*That’s why she inspired and launched the first Clic Lunchbag and turned one of our favourite habits into fashion.
*C.l.i.c terms stands for "Creative living in Chaos" and that is not just a phrase, that’s a way of living.
*All of our products are 100% handcrafted with love and attention to the details, one by one in our workshop at Ampelokipi area in Athens.
The Clic Jewels handmade brand aims at offering to its customers products of superior aesthetic, unique inspiration and superb quality trying every single day to make you feel excited with every collection we launch.

**Discover our Clic world and check our stockists’ list to find our bags online & in stores

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ή στο +30 6982 008268



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